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I used to own the pure drive 2012 as did older pure drives. I found that the more I played with it, it was prone to launching the ball even when just trying to block back a very hard shot. Someone coming from a very lower powered racquet like the diablo should be weary about something so contrasty in playing power. If you need the power, seek out more about it. But for someone who played with the racquet you formally did, it sounds like it might have too much power for your game. I would try to check out some more classic style sticks.
Me too. I have tried several wider stiffer rackets but always come back to thinner beams with more feel. In 80s, I played many years with Prince Precision Graphite which was a thin beam flexible racket. I currently play with Volkl o10 295 customized to 12.1 oz, 335 SW and 6 HL and like it a lot. The volkl pb10 295 looks like a good choice too with a little customization. The new wilson blades look like they could be good but balance is a bit unusual - less HL - and I have not tried them yet.
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