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Originally Posted by ark_28 View Post
Was thinking about this myself, it is a tough one isnt it?? I mean I guess many will say that if he is still enjoying it then keep going, at least one thing you can say is that being an individual he is not letting anyone down as such, (In cricket the legendary Sachin Tendulkar has been woeful for India for 2 years after a 20 year career they will not drop him and now people are starting to lose respect as the great man is becoming a liability) Hewitt does not have to worry about that!

But it also depends on how Hewitt wants to be seen himself! I like you find it very hard to see how a former world number 1 and 2 time grand slam champion can be happy playong out a few years on tour like a journeyman it does not make much sense to me either!
Tendulkar has been far from woeful. He's still the highest ranked Test Batsmen from India. And in ODIs, he has as good a record as anybody other than Dhoni and Kohli. People in India love him more than ever and I can vouch for that. It's media-rubbish that he's losing his "respect" just so they can sell their "news".
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