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Moreover, having a Wise overseas will be more than challenging when it inevitably breaks down and you need a replacement -- but that is an entirely different topic. Worrying about using the Wise when the power goes out is fringe lunacy no matter how you try to slice it. Whimsical stupidity.
Regarding the first part, in the UK the resellers are also an authorised service centre. Herb shared the secret sauce with them or something. This was quite an important consideration when I bought mine; fortunately I haven't needed to call them on that yet.

As for an alternative power source... if I strung more volume and lived in an area with more interruptions, I'd consider a cheap UPS (<100) that could give me 30-45 minutes of power. The main purpose would be to ensure I could complete any job I'd started (I could UPS a lamp too if it was dark). But I don't string enough to demand it, and power is pretty stable here.
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