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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Top 2 or 3 in your country? For college? Come on guys, please don't offer advice like this.
I coached college tennis for a long time, and yes this is the way it is. Even when I coached at the NJCAA level...I got the #4-6 ranked players from a given country...who had not passed the TOEFL...or who didn't have the academic side covered. A lot of those players don't consider US college tennis until the last minute and are unprepared to get compete for spots in top programs. And then wind up in weird spots.

But there really are a broad variety of D1 programs out there, they aren't all at the same level like the other guys said. It's all over the place and the #3 player from every country across the globe isn't necessarily qualified to be a top ranked NCAA player.
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