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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I have no idea, I never saw that exact feature in the OS. I don't miss android one bit. Enjoy it. Personally, I made a 3 year run with them and I am done. Not worth arguing about, I was just bringing up what the feature actually does.

I thought the same at first, but it is a lot faster to select DND and not have to volume down, vibrate off and then check your phone for an important call. It's just an easy feature to use that I like. It is not a game changer, but the phone is just so fast and responsive and great on my battery that I have no complaints or desires to jailbreak/root.
You should try the Snap Dragon quad core processors. That's speed right there.

I hated the iOS. I hated how I had to go through menus and sub-menus just to turn on/off my wifi and bluetooth.
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