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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
how is the prep time any different between the two? it's just a matter of rotating your body.

moving on from pure power, the one hander has the benefit of more disguise. one can move quickly from slice to topspin/flat during the turn. if you are a two hander, it's pretty obvious when you'll go for a slice.
the prepping itself is not longer but the swing takes longer because you need to hit it more out front and the swing arc is wider (more like what you call "casting" or "arm bar" in baseball). a 2 hander or FH also should be hit a little out front but you can still hit it beside you. a 1HBH topspin needs to be hit really out front which takes more time.

for that reason you have a little more time contraints and have to prep earlier for the 1HBH.
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