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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Like Jimmy Connors, Lleyton Hewitt loves the challenges of playing tennis matches, and will carry on for as long as he feels physically able. Andy Roddick walked away because he was not amongst the top players on a consistent basis anymore, and Roddick didn't want to carry on touring once his top 10 days were clearly over. That's a different mindset to Hewitt.
The difference between Connors and Hewitt is that Connors was in the top 5/top10 until the late 80's when he was 37. He even made another major SF at 39.

Hewitt hasn't done anything comparable to late Connors since like 2006 (when he was 25)? Connors was competitive until pretty much the end of his career.

It's been fun having Lleyton being the ultimate underdog at the AO (since I don't remember him playing a lot during the year bar an odd WC) for a couple of years now but it's getting riddiculous.
Just shows you how pointless H2H's are. Nadal beat Fed but in the end it meant jack, they both walked away with nothing. It's about winning titles.
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