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I agree to some level. But this is the first time he looked a bit helpless imo. Last year was great, Kooyong was good. He had a rough draw and didn't play great (served poorly in particular). I guess it's one of those days. When you only play 4 times a year, and you have a bad day on one of those, people start talking like for the past 4 years you've always been some sort of clown. Hewitt has not been a clown. He's never been. If this year goes on like this, and Wimbledon results in a poor showing, then yes, maybe he could hang up his racquet at next year's AO. However, last year he did great here, the year before he won Halle and another tourney I think, in 09 he went to the Wimbledon quarters, I don't think that's all that bad. Hewitt's an amazing player, but particularly an amazing fighter. People here are way too busy talking about pride and legacy, while they should actually enjoy the fact that the great player may have vanished but the fighter clearly hasn't
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