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Originally Posted by muelld View Post
This time, I collaborated with several other "barely 4.0s" to form our own team. We figure that way we can play as much as we want - unlike my previous experiences joining established 4.0 teams, and only getting limited play (deservedly, because I could not successfully contribute to a solid 4.0 team whose goal was to win the league).

I was wondering how many of you had this experience, and how you have dealt with your experience at the higher level of play.

Super smart to form your own team of similarly situated players. If you go into the season with the attitude that you'll probably lose a lot but get a lot of personal playing time and'll probably enjoy it, learn from it and, perhaps, even win more than you expect.

Last year, I was also on a team like that. We had 1/3 of players playing up, two more brand-new at-level folks, and an 18-yr old who self-rated "up" based on her skill set and modest HS results. We finished a very respectable better-than-middle-of-the-pack in a highly competitive league.

Why? Probably because the rest of the league knew (or thought ) we were bottom feeders and put out less than their best lineups. All of our losses were of the 2-3 variety and I think we were "in" most of those matches.

Good on you for creating your own "spot" to play and not complaining about the computer's whimsy.
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