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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^Tennisfan - that's a whole other debate right there! Tennis pro's all over are fighting over the merits of ROG!

Not speaking for Julian, but the simple answer (from my experience) is that yes, graduated racquets and balls do improve the speed at which the players can acquire skills, but they must be tied to an appropriate court size to be effective (hence the ROG systems). Whether you believe that is the best way to develop a player or not is another debate for another thread!

i got a chance this past summer to meet Robert landsdorp (sampras coach) and Peter lundgren ( federers coach) and asked this question. they both dont seem to see any merit in ROG and 10 and under formats. they mentioned there is no statistical data to prove the ROG and 10U really helped any top pros in the past to be of any statistical importance. Rick Macci also believes in introducing full size recquets as early as possible.

so from your experience have you seen the benefits of scaled equipments at later stages agewise
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