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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
i guess it's a matter of developing feel with a particular stroke. to each their own. how did you guys choose which one to use?

One handed always seemed more natural to me as it was what i used for other racquet sports and all of my heros as a kid were one-handers so i was influenced by them.
'Twas the same for me. Started with a 2HBH, but the 1H always felt more natural. Now I think it was because I used to be much larger and the 2H form made me feel cramped. I switched to a 1H in the middle of high school and it simply plateaued in the middle-late of college. I decided to give the 2H another shot, and now as of February, I'll have had 1 year with 2H and it's better than my 1H could ever dream of. I would get more power on my 1H, but the amount of control and stability of the 2 makes it a no-brainer. The best part is that I have kept my slice so I have both options available. People often say that the 1H provides more angles to hit. I have found the opposite when playing against a real opponent.
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