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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Because he's leagues above them. I can understand the fighting spirit but doesn't he have any pride?
He's better than those guys and that's why he should retire?
It's more prideful to retire than do everything to feel healthy again and see how you compete?

The most overlooked point in this thread is he faced TIPSAREVIC. I realize Tipsy isn't an absolute top dog but he's been in the top 10 for awhile now and is seeded #8.

Hewitt would've rather played a guy like Delpo or even Berdych to be honest. They could blast him off the court but he also could frustrate them more so than Tipsy.

2009 was 3 years ago, yes, but Hewitt has not been playing for 3 years since then. He's lost significant time to injury, and that's the point: when healthy, he's been competitive. He wants to see what he's got left if he can string together a few healthy months.
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