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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Looks like a HeadMaster, or maybe the cheap copy of it for sale to discount stores.
Aluminim, moderate flex (HeadPro, the red one, is stiff), plays similar to wood of it's day but swings easier.
Master's I've seen are darker blue, but I do remember seeing some turquoise one's like the one you have.
Correct about the darker blue being the Master. This one is the Standard...softer frame, cheaper grip...actually the butt cap and handle material were cheaper. Early ones had a 'double wide' grip, IIRC...pretty thin. The only 'Standard' logo was on a foil sticker inside the channel of the hairpin, just above the handle. They popped off back in the '70s, I reckon .

BTW. that's quite a collection of Wilson steel you have there!

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