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Well, I had to pick one player, not a bunch of players with caveats. You can introduce whatifs and qualifications into any pick, because there's no player that didn't have some weakness at all. They're all human. My memories of Seles in the pre-stabbing era were that opponents were swiftly double-bagelled out of tournaments.
LOL which opponents were those, must have been early round opponents (which before the late 90s always sucked in womens tennis anyway). Even back then she never dominated Graf, Navratilova, Sabatini, Capriati (she actually lost a combined 11 matches to that quartet in 91-early 93 alone, her 2.2 year all time peak, in something like only 30 combined matches), or Novotna to that extent, and rarely even her pigeons like Fernandez, Sanchez, Maleeva zzzsters to that extent either. In terms of sheer destructiveness and domination Graf, Navratilova, and Serena were scarier at their best than Seles at hers IMO. I dont think Seles even ever won a single slam without dropping a set, and in 3 of her 6 slam wins in 91-92 she was 2 points from losing in a match.

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