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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
Most champions had a range from A+ to C or on their report cards. Of course there were a hell of a lot more A+'s than C's. Evert's was more like an A to a B -, if that makes sense. You had to bring an 'A' game and pray, she brought her B game, assuming you weren't a Navratilova or Mandlikova with the capacity for A+ tennis for two full sets. With Martina, if you were very lucky she might bring her C+ game or revert to one somewhere in the match for a while. With Chris she was more likely to start with 'B' tennis, but the GPA only ever went up in a second set. Very depressing reality, if you saw either of them in your draw.
I think, and I have seeen it so many times, women ( except Goolagong,King,Navratilova and Austin for a while) entered the court almost beaten before their match vs Chris.Same happened for men ( other than Mac,lendl and Connors for a while) when they had to play Bjorn.
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