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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I think that happens in a lot of sports. That just comes with the game when you're a great player. I think Arthur Ashe mentioned a couple of players just had an aura (not sure if that was the exact term but the general meaning is the same) about them when they played and that was Borg and John Newcombe. Ashe mentioned he didn't feel that way about Laver and Rosewall but perhaps they were so good they didn't need it.
True, I remember how Ashe described Newcombe with admiration.I think he geniunely liked Newc ( Arthur,Newcombe and Roche being the leaders of the next generation as opposed to Laver and Rosewall) and he had some hard feelings against Laver.In any case, Newcombe was very intimidating.

I remember Jimmy Connors first words after being - in a way,surprisingly Id say- beaten by Newcombe at the 1975 Australian Championshp." I underrated him and he gave me a lesson.Newcombe is a man that has great pride in his game but, more than that, hes got great pride in himself".

Coming from 1975 Connors, that is as big an statement as any other else.
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