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True, I remember how Ashe described Newcombe with admiration.I think he geniunely liked Newc ( Arthur,Newcombe and Roche being the leaders of the next generation as opposed to Laver and Rosewall) and he had some hard feelings against Laver.In any case, Newcombe was very intimidating.

I remember Jimmy Connors first words after being - in a way,surprisingly Id say- beaten by Newcombe at the 1975 Australian Championshp." I underrated him and he gave me a lesson.Newcombe is a man that has great pride in his game but, more than that, hes got great pride in himself".

Coming from 1975 Connors, that is as big an statement as any other else.
I've written this before but I saw Newcombe play Connors at the 1973 US Open. It was a fantastic match if memory serves. Connors played great but Newcombe played better. The match scores were 6-4 (one service break) 7-6 (Points were 5-4 in tiebreaker so it was double set point in those days) and 7-6 in the third and against it was 5-4 in points in the tiebreaker.

So if Connors won two points he would have led two sets to one. There were no service breaks except for the first set. Newcombe served well even for him and that's saying something. As you know Newcombe went on to defeat another favorite of yours Jan Kodes in the final. It does say a lot for Kodes to play an in form peak Newcombe and take him to five sets. Very few could do that, especially on the fast grass of the West Side Tennis Club.
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