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Of course.I always thought that about him.Even if he is from the first stages of opene ra, there seems to be much more admiration for guys like Ashe,Roche,Nastase and others.Newcombe crushes them all in records and dominance for the course of an event.I don´t think there´s been a tougher competitior in the 70´s except Borg and maybe, Connors.But he beat both of them in major finals.He had a very complete all round game, not a great BH, sure, but a terrific first serve ( probably the most complete first and secon serves of the decade ) and one of the greatest FH shots of history.He was an extraordinary athlete, able to get drunk and play a great match hours later.He was extremely charismatic, and the guy you´d always want for a friend.He was the last Australian Emperor and nobody else could fill that inmmense role with such grace.
I agree with everything you wrote here. Incidentally I think the great Newcombe forehand gets forgotten when it comes to discussing the greatest forehands of all time. It was a fantastic shot on all surfaces.
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