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Originally Posted by devilfan View Post
That top 7 is very strong - agree with you on Tahir, who has a really big game - and provides for margin of error in case of injury. Hemmeler isn't your classic dubs specialist - he can't weigh 150 lbs, and serve seems pretty weak, but he is very crafty at it.
anyone who has seen duke dubs in recent years knows you can be great at it without having a big-serving Van't Hof-Farah or Shabaz-Courtney type of combo

Cunha-Carleton were nasty

whether it's Hemmeler or Semenzato that ends up pairing with Cunha (both have had bigtime results - fall and summer, respectively), i expect the same type of top notch #1 team

often it's the team that returns better in dubs


anyway, both Duke and UVA look fantastic this year, some experienced aces up top and tons of depth

going to try my best to make it out to both of those matches (assuming an ACC final rematch) if at all possible to see if Duke can finally get over the hump - almost happened last year with it coming down to Cunha-Jenkins @ Duke - this might be the year

either team will have an uphill battle winning four singles matches, dubs will be bigtime
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