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Hardly only in this place. Nobody talks Evert as a GOAT candidate even these days. She is never even brought up. Even she herself never dares to suggest herself as the possible female tennis GOAT, referencing at different times Navratilova, Graf, and and now Serena instead. McEnroe, Carillo, King, Shriver, Collins, Drysdale, Evert herself, have all recently began to suggest Serena might be the best of all time. For once on Planet **** Warehouse a poll is somewhat close to reality. In the real World the GOAT race is clearly down to Graf vs Serena at this point, with Navratilova an outside choice as well. The rest (Court, Evert, etc..) are major all time greats, but as far as who is THE female GOAT they dont even figure in anymore, just like they dont in this poll either apparently.
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