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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
kiki, You are a world class cynic: Rosewall fared not well enough at clay court majors? He did not enter them!!! He only played the 1977 US Open when he was almost 43.

1971 was onesided because Rosewall had a fantastic QF match against Richey in five long sets. 1973 was not onesided.

Rosewall, yes Grandpa Rosewall, leads 14:9 against peak Newcombe and 4:3 against Newk in big events. It's a shame for Newcombe that he trails that way against a 34 to 40 years old.

Please reflect on Rosewall a bit more. You still underrate him despite of the information you got and get!
I never underated Rosewall, specially after having seen him play.I have said many times that, if I could choice a teacher for my tennis, it would always be Rosewall.

But you should be fair to Newcombe.The guy was a great champion and, along Borg and Connors, the true dominant figure of the 70īs.He beat Rosewall, very deservedly when he had to beat him, specially in their 1970 Wimbledon final.I think you really dislike Newcombe.I donīt know why.

In fact, the only australian player I dislike ( as a player, not as a person) is Hewitt...and that is becasue his game is the aberration for an ausie.
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