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Default help me understand the feel of this hybrid...

So I had a blx 18x20 a year ago and had a real problem with feeling the ball, especially on soft shots.

I tried a lot of strings, mostly big bitter blue in mains with a syn gut in crosses.

I decided to try the opposite and went with technifiber multifeel in the mains and BHBR in crosses. I strung at 56 pounds. Well it was horrible. I litterally couldn't feel the ball on anything other than a huge forehand return off a fast serve. Plus it had no power, no ball pocketing since I couldn't feel the ball.... no spin even though the string to string friction was very low.

Can anyone help me figure out what happened? No way pros are playing with a feeling setup similar to that. Was my main tension too low, high? I ask this cause now I'm using the 16x18 version with full BHBR at 57 lbs but still have poor ball pocketing and mediocre spin although I have way more feel on soft shots. Id like to understand what happened before and make a good desicion on what to try next.
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