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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I'd been experimenting with that Roddick "palm down and forward", broken wrist idea just entering the trophy position in the beginning of Dec.
Immediately, I got more power. And less control.
Kept at it for over 100 serves spread over a week, got more power, more racket head speed on my flat serves. Didn't use it for second serves, because I need to walk before I can run.
Gave it up because in application, the serves didn't go IN often enough to justify a change of motion. It did get more ballspeed.
I play tennis about twice a week, at best.
If I played 6 days a week like I used to, I'd consider that service motion.
I too have messed with that idea, though I currently have no idea what my serve looks like (guess it is time to break out the Casio Exilim again).

I too was using the abbreviated "palm-down" offset trophy (to the right of the body) that Roddick uses (but I didn't have the extreme shoulder tilt). I was getting some massive power but didn't have a lot of control either, but that may have just been due to lack of practice and the longer racket-path that the offset trophy produces. I'm sure I was getting above 120mph on the rare ones I really cracked, but I don't have radar or video evidence on a serve that big. My shoulder didn't hold up to my big hitting so I was doing something wrong and straining it.

The technique convinced me that there's nothing particularly odd about an abbreviated take back and that most of the windups prior to the trophy position can be discarded if you can adjust the toss and timing.
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