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Originally Posted by A_Instead View Post
Thanks B.
Sounds like your TW crew is very busy.
It is exciting for us to hear about the new offerings and always good to see your "take."
Thanks again for your dedication and commitment to our wonderful sport of tennis...

(It has to be hard to adjust when hitting with so many racquets and then play with your reqular racquet when you play your matches, your personal game has to suffer???)



Thanks for the kind words. We are glad you enjoy watching our reviews as much as we enjoy making them. I will have to say when I first became a playtester, i did have a small adjustment period when I was constantly changing racquets (as I was used to playing with the same racquets for 3-4 year spans) day to day. Now I can easily switch racquets in the middle of a set without a problem. Now most are within a certain spec range but its definitely a lot of fun!

Brittany, TW
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