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Ashway Kevlar 1.10mm, Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 1.35mm and 100m reel of good quality synthetic gut wanted

I have the following sting sets to trade, most of them half sets:
3x Ashway synthetic gut 1.30mm (half sets)
1x Babolat pro hurricane feel 1.30mm blue (half set)
1x Babolat pro hurricane feel 1.25mm blue (half set)
1x Babolat RPM blast 1.25mm black (half set)
2x Babolat revenge 1.30mm red (half sets)
1x Gamma xo tour 1.30mm orange (half set)
1x Kirschbaum supersmash 1.35mm yellow (half set)
1x Luxilon Alupower rough 1.25mm silver
1x Luxilon timo 1.10mm silver
1x Luxilon bigbanger original brown/gold (half set)
1x Luxilon XP bigbanger 1.38mm yellow (half set)
7x MSV focus hex 1.27mm black (reel)
1x Prince recoil 1.30mm white
16x Prince tournament poly 1.30mm white (reel)
1x Signum Pro hyperion 1.30mm black (half set)
1x Signum Pro polyplasma 1.33mm orange (half set)
1x Signum Pro tornado 1.23mm (half set)
1x Signum Pro megaforce 1.29mm silver (half set)
1x Solinco tour bite 1.15mm (half set)
1x Solinco tour bite 1.15mm
1x Solinco tour bite 1.20mm (half set)
1x Solinco tour bite 1.30mm (half set)
1x Superstring nikita soft 1.25mm white (half set)
35x Tennis Tech TS 1.42mm (2 reels)
5x Tennis Tech pro Kevlar 1.10mm (reel)
11x Tennis Tech pro Kevlar 1.20mm (reels)
2x Tennis Tech pro Kevlar 1.30mm
1x Technifibre polyspin 1.275mm orange (half set)
1x Toalson rencon 1.25mm yellow (half set)
1x Topspin cyberblue 1.30mm
1x Tourna bighitter blue 16g
1x Weiss Cannon matchpower 1.25mm
1x Wilson enduro tour 1.30mm (half set)

35x Yonex Super Grap overgrip black
8x Yonex Super Grap overgrip other colours
16x Wilson Pro Overgrip overgrip white
10x Pete Sampras vibration dampeners

Please note Iím located in the UK but willing to ship elsewhere. Contact details are in my profile (in vCard).
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