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Originally Posted by Blaxican10s View Post
I have T-Mobile. I'm saving $20/ month with their unlimited data vs what I was paying for 3 GB of data with AT&T. They say their "4G" data is unlimited but it's not, they lie. They cap your data at 99,999GB/ month.
Thats pretty awesome, dude. T mobile 4G speeds are pretty impressive. My friend gets 8 Mbps-12 Mbps download speeds all the time.

I'm on T mobile as well, but I have an unlocked Iphone 4s so absolutely no data for me currently. They are reframing their 3G/4G network to 1700 Mhz to accommodate iphone users. It has not been done in my area so I get no data except Edge, which is horrible. Hopefully they set it up quickly.

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