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Default Racquet Bags

What do you guys do for bags? I'm looking at these:

1. Head Elite Series 9 Pack Supercombi Bag
2. Head Elite Series 6 Pack Combi Bag
3. Babolat Aero Line Black/Yellow 9-Pack Bag
4. Babolat Team Line Blue 9 Pack

It would most likely hold 2 Pure Storms and 1 RadMP, shoes, towel, clothes, balls, notebook, hats, socks, deodorant, phone, energy bars.

It would also double as a suitcase in the summer.

What do you think would be more suitable? I like that option 1 has a divider in one of the compartments, but I'm not sure if it would be too big compared to option 2. Option 3 also works because of the rigid shell.

What are your opinions? thanks
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