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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
What books you read, movies you watch or music you listen to does not tell anyone about how intelligent you are. What university you went to, or what job you do also tells you nothing.

The only thing that tells people how intelligent you are is how quickly you can do speed math and how quickly you can spot patterns in those shape-shifting tests - basically, your IQ.

Hence, there could be a homeless, unemployed knucklehead who could never be bothered to read past 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and whose only hobbies were to get drunk and start fights - but if he has an IQ of 160 he'd still be much more intelligent than a Harvard-educated brain surgeon who listens to Chopin and reads Shakespeare but has an IQ of 120.

The beauty of IQ is that we can categorize people's whole intellect into a single stat and judge quantitatively with perfect accuracy whether they're brighter or thicker than the next guy.

And if we had some natural disaster and I needed to pick someone clever to stick with, I'd pick the homeless guy with the 160 IQ over the brain surgeon every time.
I really hope you're being sarcastic..
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