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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Connors wasn't affected by injuries to Hewitt's extent. Hewitt has had a load of injury troubles since 2005, including several surgeries on his hip, problems with his knees, elbow, feet and toes.

Connors didn't have surgery until 1990, on his wrist.

If Hewitt wants to play, then he'll continue to play. Connors stayed out there until he wasn't physically able to do it anymore, so why wouldn't Hewitt to do the same if he has the desire to compete?

If Lleyton Hewitt had your attitude then he wouldn't be Lleyton Hewitt.

Lleyton Hewitt was world number 1 for 80 weeks and was the clear world number 1 as soon as Gustavo Kuerten's hip problems took over after the 2001 US Open. Hewitt was never a dominant world number 1, though. Ask anyone from 2002 who was world number 1, and it was obviously Hewitt.

You're using hindsight. Nobody saw anything about "transition era" when Hewitt was world number 1. Back then, the popular opinion was that the generation of 2002 were all way too good for any one player to dominate the sport. That opinion soon changed when Federer started dominating.
Thanks for this post, Mustard. How quickly people forget, it is frightening.
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