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Originally Posted by neil1b View Post
Hit with it two more times this weekend. I was able to hit all my shots and here is my finding.


I have to say, I have demos every new racquet, except for the yonnex(s), and I keep coming back to my babolat due to weight balance and power I can produce along with spin. The downside is the babolats don't have the touch/feel for drop shots and touch vollley that I would like. Also, you get the occasional ball that would fly. The control is good,but could be much better.

All the demos usually produce better results in some categories, but not in enough for me to make the switch.

I have tested a ton of 18x20 as well as have played with the prestige mp and radical for many years.

I will go out on a limb and say that this racquet produces the most controllable power image ever seen with a 18x20 pattern. This racquet does everything phenomenally well. It swings with ease and balls are hit exactly where intended.

My hitting partner commented on my placement and depth of shots. He stated when I went for a shot the power was the same as my previous stick. Shots were coming at him with ample spin and hitting flat when needed was a breeze. Drop shot came of the stick with great precision and feel.

I am ordering two more for sure. I will keep my old sticks as I am a racquet junkie collector,but I am not looking back.

One more thing I would like to add, this stick has a very short learning curve. One or two session is all that it takes and you could play with it in matches.

I applaud head on this one, and hope they continue to listen to the player feedback.

Oh yeah.........the head shape has a little ovalish head shape, but it is not noticed when hitting. Nothing like the past dunlops-

This stick outshines everything in the head line including the radical and prestige pros in the power category. More precision than the mp prestige.

Grip shape is spot on, not rounded and not square.
Can you compare that with a prestige MP?
any similarities or difference?
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