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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I was thinking the same thing. There is so much more to intelligence than an IQ score. Very narrow minded to think it's the end all be all of just how smart someone is.
how smart someone is has nothing to do with intelligence.
intelligence is a mere capacity you have, which you may or may not use to its potential.
an intelligent man is not always deemed smart, but you can always safely assume for a smart man go be intelligent as well.

and to the poster saying he would rather stick together with a homeless 160 iq person than a brain surgeon after apocalypse, well sir, you are an idiot. the hobo, being more intelligent than you are, would beat you up with the stick and robe you off your clothes.

as far as the topic goes, its a load of rubbish. there is no way you* can prove that djokovic is more intelligent or smarter than federer/nadal or vice versa. and this comes from a Novak fan. so why the hell you bother, lol.
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