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Originally Posted by ptho1128 View Post
I'm not too sure. When I string the racquet, the grommet comes loose on the bottom side. I can't push it back in. If it's genuine, I wouldn't have this issue with the grommet.
Have you ever tried taking off the grommets on an authentic racket? Once you take it off, you have to really force it back in. That's because the string knots expand/distort the holes. This happens in ALL tennis rackets.

Originally Posted by ptho1128 View Post
Also, I contacted Wilson and they could not confirm whether it's counterfeit or authentic. What does that tell you?
It's not their job to verify authenticity. When you buy auction, you get auction uncertainty. No one's going to make it their business to save you cash when you don't do business with them. Try taking a Wal-mart product to Target and ask for customer service. Have a little sense, man.

I have a gold/black Blade Tour that's a bit more glossy/shiny than the others. It came to me directly from Wilson (warranty reasons).

This is all I will say on this matter. Argue if you wish. You paid auction prices, you don't get the liberty of peace of mind. Don't buy auction if you can't tell real from fakes.
When their tennis really matters, Babolat Reps use a Wilson.

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