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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Dude, I can break 20 with no training or practice beforehand.
I'll take that bet. A sustained 6:30 pace over 3 miles is not as easy as you might think. Sign up for a 5K and show us your time in the race results.

Not one person on this thread can run a 17:00 5K (5:30 pace).

Why don't we all run a 5K in the next week and post our times. Anyone up for the challenge?

Most of you guys are claiming to be "advanced" and even "elite" (without even training at all). We must have a very large group of genetically superior "outliers" that are participating in this thread.

As for tennis professionals, I'd be surprised if many of them could break 20:00. Perhaps some of the high mileage tennis training athletes (I'm thinking Ferrer) could approach 18:00, but I wouldn't bet on it.

What makes me laugh most is that I've been advocating for years that people should run more distance type training at ever increasing paces to build a solid cardio base, and I've been consistently shot down. But now I see it all clearly. You guys don't need to train this way, because most of you can break 20:00 5K times without without training at all. With a little training (maybe a month or two?) you guys are cranking out 18:00 and even 17:00 minute 5K's.

Where the hell where these amazing athletes when I was growing up and in high school / college? Heck, I remember running with a kid on one of the professional soccer teams in Frankfurt, and he couldn't even stay with me on my 6:30 - 6:45 training runs.

The only guy with any idea of reality on this thread is Goober (and Magmaster). But I want to see Jolly crank out that 20:00 5K tomorrow.
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