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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
I'm not arguing that planning poaching with signals isn't effective, it just hasn't been effective for me whereas situational poaching (and a lot of fake poaching) has been very effective. The reasons it hasn't worked well with me are that I can't get cooperative partners who can or will:
* consistently serve down the T or at least to the body when a poach is signalled
* cover behind me effectively
* endeavor to get their first serve in a high percentage of the time

Planned poaching with signals I'm sure would be very effective with the right partner, I'm just still looking for him.
I don't mind if the server misses her spot. It means I will have to take off earlier.

What I notice about partners who aren't used to signals is they don't cross, the ball goes DTL for a winner, then they complain that I left too soon.

Nope. I left at the exact right moment to cover the cross court. You failed to cross.

But you are right. You need the right partner for it to work.
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