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Originally Posted by T.P3D0R View Post
It's looking like a sweet stick, I may need to demo one.

Could you compare it with the Dunlop 200 line?

Both are real cheap right now... might pick up one or the other.
Yeah of course!

I'll compare to the Bio 200 as it's what I have the most experience with...

Power department definitely goes to the 200. The 200 gets unnatural boom from the stick with tons of plough through. The PSL simply doesn't, as it feels a lot deader. I feel as though this is a positive, but a lot of people don't like the lifeless feel of the PSL/GT.

Stability: They are fairly equal, with the PSL having the slight edge in my books, over the 200. Although the 200 has near the same, I feel as though I was catching off centre a bit more due to my strokes and the head shape style.

Sweetspot size: The 200 definitely has a bigger sweet spot with the same string/tension.

Ease of Swing: The 200 has the PSL beat, as I noted before it swings ridiculously fast for it's static weight. No idea why, but it does!

Volleying: The 200 has great feel, but a bit too much pop for me. Great for put aways, but the dead 200 peels off touch volleys like no tomorrow which I greatly prefer. If I played more doubles the 200 would probably be more desire able.

Serving: The PSL hits solid serves, but nothing spectacular. The 200 on the other hand hits such a monster serve I can't believe it. That's probably the best attribute of the 200 in my books. Monster first serves, and wicked seconds.

Groundies: The PSL gets my vote as it's so solid and ability to hit great spin is there. The 200 again just has a touch too much pop compared to the PSL where I'm comfortable. The 200 I never felt totally sure that my shots would land in, as with the PSL I knew that they are going to drop in with proper technique.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now, if there is anything else you'd like to know please ask!

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