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Originally Posted by tennispinoy View Post
Thanks I bought all of that today just for $20 =D

My standard sticker is still on the Racquet.

Does anyone know the headsize??

Also by looking at the picture can someone tell me if they see anything of value.
Certainly a decent deal in total...I didn't see anything super-collectible; but someone might have their eye on something.

The Head line of rackets followed the same nomenclature from Standard to Master to Pro as did the snow skis of the '70s. The ONE time I skied(SKID was more like it), I was rented the shortest pair of Head Standards you've ever seen. The fellows called them 'elf shoes'. The folks at the ski resort kindly asked me to stick to indoor tennis. I gladly obliged.

I'm going to put the head size of the Standard at 64", give or take. The roundness was comfy for some; but I didn't care for it at all. The Pro and later Edge were much more to my liking.
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