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Originally Posted by jaydog23 View Post
Can anything else be done in addition to ensure that vintage racquets last as long as possible? Specifically, I'm talking about the Head Prestige Classic 600. I have a few, and I don't intend to pay any more "holy grail" prices for racquets, but I don't want to switch racquets if possible. I string them around 56lbs....

Finally (not to shift this thread dramatically) I've been told that the Prince Rebel EXO3 95 is the most similar currently produced racquet to the Prestige Classic; opinions?
On The Prestige Classic 600 make sure the racquets are strung 2 piece and the crosses are strung from head to throat.

The racquet that I have found to play the closest to the Prestige Classic 600 is the HEAD IG Prestige Mid.
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA
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