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Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
Quick fact: 5 out of 6 top ranked players use 100 inch head size racquets (OK, Murray supposedly uses a 98, but his previous radical pro was a 100).

We all heard about serve and volley game disappearing, and every young player wanting to be a baseliner like Nadal. Do you think it's also why pros are (or seem to be) using bigger racquets?

(Yeah, I know. I heard about that guy Federer and his 90.)

Personally, I use a six one 95, but sometimes I'm wondering if I'm not missing something...
Murray never really used a Radical Pro 100 inch racquet. Murray's racquet is really 95 inches and not what HEAD Markets at. Same goes for Djokovic's racquet.
Murray for his whole career has been using the Pro Tour 630 (PT57A). Murray has only change string patterns. He went form 18x20 to 16x19.
While Djokovic really uses the MG Radical MP MOLD which is also really 95 inches.
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA

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