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Originally Posted by jaydog23 View Post
That is fair. I think the bias stems in part from the fact that people who use so-called "players' racquets" generally speaking have a more relaxed-looking game: you don't see Federer looking like he's just finished a 12-rep set of 50 lb. curls.... By the way, was it by any chance arm pain that made you switch?

Even more by the way, I noticed you have some posts regarding PC600's for sale. Are those still accurate because I'm interested!
The only Prestige I have left is a Prestige 600 - the silver/grey/green one that immediately followed the Prestige Pro 600/Prestige Pro model (predating the PC600).

No, the switch had absolutely nothing to do with arm pain - actually never felt the APDgt was problematic in that regard (but then again, I do employ a WW stroke and a full western grip). Simply put, the PT280 provides the impression that I'm absolutely thumping the ball (with great accuracy), and I noticed I'm able to deliver an insanely heavy ball (moreso than the APDgt).

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