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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
Wait..I thought you tried the P1 awhile back and you gave it up because it was "sluggish" and you preferred the Volkl O8 315 ?
Yeah he did. and he's not the only one who's thought that.

One of these days I'm going to post an open letter to Donnay. I know for a fact they read the boards. It will be a plea for a lower SW, more HL version of the Pro One. I will gather all quotes, from all the feedback here that are saying roughly same thing. "I love it, but it's just a little too heavy". That is something I've heard from just about every person who's tried one, as well as quite a few of us that own them. I can likely find 50 quotes in two hours that will support this. The board is littered with these comments like broken dreams at a red neck bar.

What's perhaps even more telling, and infinitely more frustrating, is that if you visit the Donnay site, and check out their spec sheets, Donnay lists the Pro One's strung swingweight as 318. Yes please!! I would like to have 6 of those!! We all know, however that spec sheet listing is no where near accurate. The TW specs for the very same P1 16x19 are SW 327.

So I think what many of us here would like to see is:

A: Spin off a lower SW, more HL version of the Pro One at around 315 sw. A little too light? Buy the customization kit. Season to taste as needed. Bam! problem solved. Jazz it up with a cool sounding name. "Special Edition" or "Team", anything but the "lite" version.


B: Start making the Pro One in a way that it actually matches the specs on the Donnay website. Yeah, I know that seems like an odd request. But let the oddness of it all stand as testimony to what I am pointing out.

It's a stellar frame that hits a lot of check boxes in the minds of people who try it. Comfortable, powerful, and control oriented. Lace her up with Gut/Poly and you've just brought Mr. Spin to the party. That's just about the whole enchilada right there. If it were just a skosh less head heavy, and lower SW, it would be a more customizable platform for advanced players who tend to add in their own accoutrement, with a leather grip, tailweight, and a little dash of hoop lead in the right places. It would also open the frame up to ever growing population of players looking for a powerful tweenish frame that wont wreck your arm in a week and a half. Along with the Formula 100, you'd then have two head sizes with which compete in this area. Sure the Dual Platinum and Gold 99 have a lot of pop in the right hands. But I don't see those two super thin 16-18 mm frames penetrating that market. All the X-99s are as solid as they come, but they just don't look mean enough to be deadly to somebody flitting quickly thru a big box website. The Pro one fits the bill, is developing a near cult status, and certainly looks the part.

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