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Originally Posted by counterpuncher View Post
Poor QC is your friend. Pay $10 for the TW matching service and see if they have one in stock. Mine got to me strung with PLII 1.15 with a SW of 320.I added a little lead tape at 12 for much improved stability given that I hit higher in the stringbed and have ended up with a SW of around 325.
Hi Counter puncher,

Yeah cool, that's a great suggestion, and for sure the first thing to try. Sounds like you have a sweet frame! But I've been down that road. The problem with that solution is that TW typically only carries 2 to three frames in each grip size at most. So while you might luck out and find one... maybe two that are slightly under spec, try finding 3 or 4. That is a whole 'nuther deal. TW just does not have the inventory amount to pick through.

All I'm suggesting is they should spin off a special edition version, or start building them to the specs they say they are built to. If 318 is indeed average SW, then somebody please show me where all the SW 315s are hiding. And if 64 really is average unstrung flex rating then somebody please show me where all the 62 and 63 ra's are hiding. Heck somebody just show me one P1 with a sticker flex of 64. I tried to buy 6 of those and they had none to sell me.

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