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Originally Posted by jaydog23 View Post
Would you recommend the LM set or the MG set with a very small amount of lead tape? Also, get confused what is what on the tw store website? Would you mind providing a link to what you deem to be the best option or two?
Just go to the TW website (link below) and enter the quantity in the boxes next to the grommet that you'd like. Be sure to select the "Prestige Mid" behind the versions, if that's what you're looking for.

I've installed the LM version, and it plays exactly the same as the original. Just the exact weight as I like it.

I haven't tried the MG version yet, but some lead would definitely help to get the original feel. To me, lead is really a matter of preference, maybe you might like it lighter, or maybe not. You really have to find what you like, trial and error.

My prestige has some weight in the grip due to the suspension grip. I've got accustomed to it, so for me all other versions now feels different due to their balance. I've just realized this from hitting with a non-suspension grip version this past weekend. I can definitely see myself adding weight to the grips of any other versions, via lead or silicone as some others have done.
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