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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
... so I watched this video on feeltennis and used the method this evening... definitely feel lot more relaxed and didn't spend nearly as much energy.. this is a great tip!

problem is I don't feel like I was playing with any intensity... felt like relaxed sleep walk out there.
It's really a Yin-Yang/Zen kind of thing. A balance/blending of relaxation and concentration/intensity is seen in elite athletes in most sports. With black belts in martial arts, we see more efficient/effective movements as a byproduct of intensity and focused relaxation.

For further reading on this stuff (and more), take a gander at Adam Smith's article, "Sport is a Western Yoga" (Psychology Today, Oct 1975), Michael Murphy's "Golf in the Kingdom", or Timothy Gallwey's various books on The Inner Game (such as "The Inner Game of Tennis").

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