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Originally Posted by Yaz View Post
What was your string setup with the P1?

I found the same thing with the Blades, but I chalked it up to the demo strings which felt like they were strung in the high 50s. Are you going to adjust your tensions further to see if that softens up some of the shock?
I have several P1s. My goto setup is VS team (59) with 4G(54). I have another with 57/52, but it's too powerful - on indoor courts anyway. My last is full poly, which I don't care for with the P1.

I've got a 2nd Blade coming in today, and yes I will probably go even lower, as the power is very controllable. I may try VS team (50), with either 4G or Beast (46) in the crosses.

Like many of us, I've hit with a lot of racquets. There's no way the Blade will ever be as smooth as a P1, but any discomfort may go away as I get more used to hitting with the Blade.
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