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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi neverstoppedplaying,

Just wanted to throw this factiod out there since you mentioned arm discomfort. 4G is one of the very best polys for tension maintenance, but also one of the stiffest polys of the market. In fact it ranks #8 stiffest (273 lbs per in.) out of 239 polys tested. I see that you have it crossed with gut mains, but man... there are literally hundreds of better choices out there for arm sensitive peeps like you and me.

Thanks for the input. I started using 4G with the P1, and zero discomfort. I'm still giving some consideration to the fact that I'm new to a Blade, but yes, I'll give consideration to other gut-poly setups, too. Team/4G hits an amazing ball though.

I think Donnay would probably make a better Blade, but I can also look for other racquet options with similar specs - a leaded Rebel team, Radical, etc. I'm new to the feel of the 18x20 Blade and am enjoying the results.
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