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This quote from the OP's opening post, Paragraph 4:

Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
This leads me to the following set of questions. First, if I can hit the same corner with an APDGT at +5/10 mph over a PC600 at a relative consistency, why in the world would I opt for the more "mature" and "powerless" stick? If
Aha! there's the rub. Differences in racquets don't typically account account for +5 to +10 differences in MPH. Even if you were to edge all possible parameters... head size, flex, mass, swingweight, length, string type, string tension, into the power friendly zone you'd be hard pressed to create a 10 mph difference in ball velocity.

Here is a Riddle : How fast does the tip of the racquet the need to be traveling in order to hit a 100 mph serve?

Hint: If the answer is about 60 mph, then we can say the players arm gets the racquet to 60, the racquet does the rest, and there is much to gain or loose with careful racquet selection. However if the answer is closer to 90 mph, then we can say that most of the speed of the serve comes directly from the players arm, and there is very little room for improvement with regards to max mph and careful racquet selection. Any guesses?

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