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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Gerrard is crap and just hooves balls from deep like he's Xabi Alonso or something. I don't know why he's played much these days because he can't run anymore and he has an awful left foot. Frank is still awesome although there are more able players in the team, just talent wise. But he has the heart that is beyond world class. The man oozes class and is a testament to the club's progress since coming there. He should be around as he wants to be and then offered a coaching role if he so desires. He is needed at our club until he says otherwise. He IS Chelsea and the mindset he has needs to be around the youngsters and understood by them. Chances are he'll leave the club in the summer but he'll leave as their alltime top scorer. He'll exit the Bridge with his head held high.
Gerrard was named as one of the England players of the year, no mention of Lampard to be in the running, funny really!

Abramovich wants to get rid of the big personalities so the next manager in the summer can come in with full control to start a new era. It makes sense in theory I suppose, it's just the lack of effort to recruit in midfield that makes it crazy. Modric was linked a few years ago, Fellaini isn't the right way to go.. apart from that the club don't even look at anyone. The last player linked was Mbia from QPR, it says alot when a team like QPR are looking to replace him with a good young player like M'Vila, and Chelsea are interested in their cast offs.
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