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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
That's the way I see it as well. It should be treated as a guide but not as a system where everyone gets put into the same mold. That's the big thing I do not like about all of this. Some juniors will develop faster, and will be more talented. I believe that the sooner you get them playing with full sized rackets the better however it needs to be taken on a case by case basis. The new system I think will delay the development of the top players, however I do see the benefit for the others. Thevproblem is not having regular full court, regular ball tournaments for U10.

On a different topic, this forum is getting dull. We need to attract more posters to participate in meaningful discussions. The problem is its always the same handful of people discussing the same stuff over and over again. Beating a dead horse that died over 2 years ago. Then we get a thread that's since been deleted about how all these discussions are meaningless from a poster who's been most involved. Funny stuff.
Anyways, this forum needs to attract more coaches and players to get better and different discussions going and not have them be interfered with certain people's agendas. Sadly, doubt that'll happen anytime soon and we'll be treated to more mindless and boring discussions that were covered back in 2009. No wondering this place is going downhill.
we have the problem here in Austria, that if a kid is under 10 he/sheīs not allowed to play tournaments with fullsize racquets on fullsize courts.
i know at least one case personally where that is really hindering the development of a young boy.
if you use this system intelligently, itīs a great learning tool though

yes, i often wonder why not more high-profile coaches arenīt posting in this forum, when it is such a warm and welcoming place
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