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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
^^^You actually can "file" a complaint at your sectional office. We had in kid in ours who by his teens was only placed on the front court across from the TD table and with a ref. It was a riot seeing him wait for that specific court for his matches. Everyone knew why. The TDs all got the memo. In this case, the system worked, can't guarantee it always will but if its a chronic cheating dirtbag, turn em in. You can see the difference in naive/simple bad calls and a well trained cheater. I am referring to the well trained cheaters, give the other kids a break. They are young and make mistakes.
True a complaint can be filed against a player for cheating. If the kid is a really bad cheater I would not discourage filing a protest. But without corroborating witnesses and if it's just for (perceived from the sidelines) bad line calls that in itself will not be the sole source of sanctions. I'm sure your example cheater was placed in his position because of what he did in front of officials, not just those on the sidelines. If he was being punished for what he did outside the view of officials its safe to say it was for more than linecalling alone.

The USTA is not going to punish a child due to a letter writing campaign for line calls alone.
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