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^ No, pretty much just only in this place. Don't let Evert's modesty diminish her standing as one of the GOATs of the Open era. Lists outside of the TW forums in 2012 & 2011 usually place Chrissy at #3 or #4 while Serena places somewhere between #4 and #6. Tennis Channel's series on the 100 Greatest of All Time (both men & women) put Serena at #14 (and the 6th woman). A small sampling of some recent lists:,256242

OrangePower (above) had it right. If we are just talking raw talent and "peak level of play", then Serena unquestionably places at or near the top. However, when most of us consider the greatest women players of the Open Era (or of all time), we consider a more complete body of work -- the total accomplishments or achievements of the top players and not just their peak play or their potential. Players like Steffi, Martina N, Chrissy and Margaret paid their dues week after week, year after year.

Even if we only consider Grand Slams Singles events (which I do not), Chrissy (with 18 ) is still ahead Serena (with 15). Chris has 305 Grand Slam singles match wins to her credit compared to 225 for Serena. If we look at their larger bodies of work, we see a much greater differential. Chris had 157 singles titles out of 208 finals. Compare this to Serena's 47 titles out of 62 finals. Chris had the 3rd highest weeks at #1 with 262 weeks. Serena is #6 with less than half Chris' number at 123 weeks. While Serena may be closing the gap on a few of these, she still has quite a way to go before she equals the achievements of Chris Evert and Margaret Court.

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